We know it’s a difficult time in your life right now and getting an IID installed should be a breeze. To help assist you and to expedite the process of installing an IID, we ask that you bring a photo ID, Vehicle Registration, and any court or DMV paperworks to your appointment.

Calibrations are also known as Monitorings and they are required by the state of California. Your handset will display the date of your next calibration/monitoring. Before making an appointment, we do ask that you keep your account balance up to date. Any financial holds on your account will delay your service. Also, we can only calibrate your device 2 or 3 days prior to the date displayed on your handset, if you choose to come in early.

A Lockout usually happens when you are driving and you fail to take the rolling-retest. Also, multiple invalid-sample distance messages can result in a lockout. If your handset displays a “lockout” message, do not ignore it. Ignoring those messages will completely lockout your handset and you will be unable to use your vehicle. We made it easy for you to schedule your lockout appointments online here.

Once you have completed your IID program, you can request an appointment to have it removed from your vehicle. You will receive a DMV 922 form if you are eligible. The 922 form is proof that you did in fact have your ignition interlock removed. However, prior to making an appointment to have the IID removed, we ask that you call the Mandatory Actions Unit (MAU) to confirm your removal eligibility. The phone number for M.A.U. is 916-657-6525

If you are experiencing any issues with your IID, we ask that you make an appointment to have your IID diagnosed. In most cases we can troubleshoot over the phone but we recommend that you visit our office so that we can further examine the issues. You can make an appointment here

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